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—-Get a **FREE** Whiplash Injury Evaluation —-
We here… at Chiropractic Healing Center…offer ANYONE who has been involved in an automobile accident a **FREE** Whiplash Injury Evaluation.
We are the Experts at managing…treating…and rehabilitating auto accident “whiplash type injuries. We are a full service diagnostic…treatment…and rehabilitation facility. WE DO NOT TREAT JUST YOUR PAIN—-WE REHABILITATE* YOUR SPINE AND OTHER RELATED AREAS INJURED FROM YOUR CAR ACCIDENT. Our goal is to restore your injured body to your pre-accident status.
Dr. Rennie Alampi offers her patients the BEST EXPERT care they deserve. When you come in for your FREE INJURY EVALUATION, Dr. Alampi will sit down with you to review the details of your accident…where you were injured…review your complaints…and explain to you our treatment program—and how we can help rehabilitate your injuries from your accident.
We request that you bring with you a copy of our police report, auto insurance and copies of any medical records from your auto accident. If you’ve already been treated by another doctor for your accident, please bring us a copy of any records you may have…as well as a claim number, and any other insurance information you may have.

We work by APPOINMENT only… so please CALL our office and schedule a day and time for your INJURY EVALUATION/CONSULTATION and bring all your paperwork with you. You can reach us at 770-926-0123.

Should you reach our answering service…we will return your call.

For New Patient Special Offer Complimentary Consultation, Call us:  770-926-0123